Friday, February 24, 2017


Things are clipping right along for old Fifi.  She knows how to spell her name and she doesn't believe it, but that means she can spell the word 'city' too.  She is happy and healthy and doing just great.  She is sleepy in the mornings before school but she takes a nap and then stays up late and then is tired and repeat repeat repeat.  Next year she won't take a nap so maybe it will get better.  Anthony isn't giving her nearly as hard a time lately, so that's good.  She is going to a birthday party at a girl from school's pool this weekend, and I think she'll like it, despite the fact that swim lessons are still a giant fail.  Last week at the very end of her lesson, her teacher dunked her completely underwater and she did great.  So who knows?  Here are some pictures!

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