Monday, July 20, 2015


Felicity is no swimmer, that is for sure.  We just finished three weeks of swim lessons and she never even got her face wet.  She would demand that she was "swimming in Chinese" and she would do some sort of prancercising, skipping along in the water and never ever having both feet up at the same time.  I told her one day if you put one tenth of the effort into learning to swim that you did avoiding learning to swim, you could be an Olympian.  She said "I no want to be an Olympian!  I scared to be an Olympian!".  Poor baby, she would get really upset.  But yesterday she let me take her all over the pool, her feet never touched, so maybe the lessons were good after all.

She had been waking up in the night a lot, around 3:00 or 4:00, sometimes wide awake, sometimes right back to sleep, but it is a pain.  It makes me sick tired to have any of them come in and sleep with us but if she is going to be awake, I have to take her in with me so she doesn't wake the girls.

She loves to make faces, she makes a sad face, a happy face, a gross face, a mad face and a silly face.  She loves to look at her picture or the mirror, just like her mother, ha!

Monday, June 15, 2015

At the Pool

Yesterday we went to a church picnic which was held at the local K of C, and I do mean local, it's not even one mile away, super close!  The girls had such a good time and saw so many friends that today I went and joined the K of C pool and we went back.  We might go every damned day this summer, they had such a great time.  I was worried about Felicity back at a pool after her mishap over spring break (and I do mean break, ha ha ha) but she's fine.  She's not the best SHARER in the world and she is a little inept, socially, but it was really fun overall and I am bullish for the future.  And I never am!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Break

Isn't she cute?  Isn't that lucky?  Here she is yesterday, at a local park which has a creek.  She is holding a tiny seashell.  She kept picking them up and then dropping them and then we had to wade through the creek to get to where there were more shells.  She was crying over losing some and I said, come over here there are millions.  She was so confused, she kept saying "I want the millions! Where are the millions!"  Then she changed it to communion and she was wailing, "I want communion! Take me to communion!".  We collected a lot of shells and I put them in my coffee cup, where they will stay until I throw them away later.  The good thing about Felicity is that she won't remember.  Maria would ask me for them like one month later, but so far, with Felicity, it's out of sight, out of mind.  

She is going to summer camp at her preschool on Wednesdays.  I did a computer job that paid $160 and for her to go for seven Wednesdays this summer it cost $160 so, perfect!  Whatever it takes to keep her busy, boy she does not like to be here with just me.  Maria and Veronica have Vacation Bible School next week and so next Wednesday I'll have like three hours of freedom or something, ha!  But she really seems to be enjoying it, she asks every night if she is going the next day.  

Maria had a  friend sleepover on Saturday night so all the girls were up until 10:30 and awake yesterday by 7:00 so I thought we'd keep them busy so we could not have too many breakdowns.  We went to church and then to lunch with some friends, went home and changed and then went to this creek for three hours.  They all slept well last night, thank God, so we can start the week.  We are starting the Summer Reading thing at the library and going to a friends' house for lunch.  Tomorrow we are going to the pool and Wednesday strawberry picking.  I cant believe it's summer again and we are doing all this running around but Felicity starts preschool 8/20 and goes five days a week so I am trying to enjoy each day, as my grandmother would say.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No more school

Oh it's awful to have this child home all the time! I'm sure it will get better once her sisters are home but man.  MAN.  Today we went to the bank, the post office, and the store and it was horrible.  The bank was okay but then there was one million people there - holy moly, I couldn't believe it! There were like eight people getting passports, even.  I mean - here I am in my stupid yoga pants, and life just marches on for everyone else, traveling, living their lives, getting passports, mailing stuff.  Anyway, it took forever because I had to mail something to Canada so I had to get a customs form, etc.  So we did that and then we went to the grocery store and then I had to fly home and stow the groceries before going to my friend Marta's house, as she was watching Felicity while I went to stupid physical therapy for my stupid wrist (which is actually doing well).

Then I went to physical therapy and then I went back to Marta's to get Felicity.  I was just going to stay there until Maria and Veronica were done with school, as Marta lives right near there but Felicity was freaking out because Marta's son wouldn't share a ball with her.  I am OUT OF PATIENCE for dealing with such nonsense, so I chose to drive across town back to our house and then 15 minutes later go back to get the girls.  Also I was hungry.

The problem started on the drive home.  Felicity, as is her ANNOYING WONT, got out of her seat and I said FELICITY.  GET BACK IN YOUR SEAT.  IF I GET HIT YOU WILL FLY THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD AND POSSIBLY DIE!  GET IN YOUR SEAT!  So she did, but she screamed and screamed and screamed AND SCREAMED for the whole ride home.  She was sitting right behind me and she HOWLED through the head rest and LORD LORD it was awful.  I am saying my one year long novena so I SHOUTED the prayers, which are mostly about the Passion of our Lord, which was GOOD because it made me sort of keep my eyes on the prize.  We came in the house and she said WATAH BOTTAHL! and I gave her her stupid water bottle and then she screamed BLANKET! and I threw a blanket on her and then she passed out.

I mean really.  REALLY.  She was up at 4:00 this morning, she is all messed up.  She's taking antibiotics and feeling so much better, which is good.  But it's so, so hard for it to be just me and her.  I feel like I have so much to do and she SEEMS willing to do stuff but she's not, really.  I told her tonight, after next week the girls will be home too and things will be better.  I said now close your eyes and say a little prayer that you can sleep all night and she said, really loudly, I HOPE I CAN SLEEP TONIGHT!  Ha!  She also says DUCK! at the end of every song she sings.  I don't know where she got it, but like where some songstresses might say "ohhh yeah!", she shouts DUCK!  Whackjob.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

End of Preschool

Felicity has been sick today, yesterday too but today we decided to take her to the doctor because she had such a bad night, such coughing!  It makes me think of my dearly departed friend Lebron who used to always say to me, when I had a cold, You MUST dance the red shoes, Victoria, you simply must! Oh, does she cough!  I took her to the clinic today, at the grocery store.  "This where the doctah is?, she said, doubtfully.  But we get gas points for going there and an NP there is as good as anywhere, I figure.  I really like the woman who is the NP there, she remembers us when we are in the store, and she really likes Felicity.  And she should!  She is the best patient I have ever seen!  She had a fever, woke up at 5:00, she has been coughing and coughing and she asked for the "happy face chart", as she calls it, and pointed right to the happiest.  "The happy one?", the NP said, and Felicity said YES!  I think she was just happy to be there!  She is so funny.  She had a double ear infection and the NP looked at her ears and said "they really don't hurt?" and Fifi said NOPE! She is ridiculous.  She has been driving me CRAZY today, but she has also been really cute.  Same as it ever was.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015

I have been a wreck since I broke my wrist, it is horrible.  My wrist doesn't actually hurt and almost never has but it gets a little sore by the end of the day and my spirit is absolutely broken by then, too, ha!  Felicity is the worst of everyone because she keeps saying in a very serious tone, you wrist is broken, Mommy! but, like, this morning - it is colder here than it has been and she made me carry her into preschool (because she can't walk in the cold, or something).  But she is doing great at preschool, terrible at toilet training, not so great at sleeping and pretty good at everything else.  She has started to play a little bit with our neighbor who is also three and that's super cute.  Her hair is getting so long!  Here's a cute picture:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 22 of Lent

I thought Felicity was going to miss two weeks of preschool, because we are going to Florida for the girls' spring break and then hers in the next week, but Mike reminded me today that she can go on Monday, so that's good!  Last night we went to Monarch Madness, the girls' cheerleading thing at school and I took with Felicity with me so we could hang out with Marta and her kids.  Felicity kept going outside to the playground, I mean, she kept ending up outside and I was thinking HOW is she getting out there?  Who is opening the door for her?  So I followed her at one point (it was freezing cold and I kept begging her to go back in) and she just ... pushed the door open, just used all of her 37 pounds or whatever to open this door which is NOT supposed to open if you don't push the rail.  She likes fresh air and she is determined, is what I am saying.  Oh!  And today, she was playing out in the driveway and I went to check on her and she was just toodling along there on her bike!  Very exciting!  If riding on her bike is happening, can toilet training be far behind?