Thursday, May 21, 2015

End of Preschool

Felicity has been sick today, yesterday too but today we decided to take her to the doctor because she had such a bad night, such coughing!  It makes me think of my dearly departed friend Lebron who used to always say to me, when I had a cold, You MUST dance the red shoes, Victoria, you simply must! Oh, does she cough!  I took her to the clinic today, at the grocery store.  "This where the doctah is?, she said, doubtfully.  But we get gas points for going there and an NP there is as good as anywhere, I figure.  I really like the woman who is the NP there, she remembers us when we are in the store, and she really likes Felicity.  And she should!  She is the best patient I have ever seen!  She had a fever, woke up at 5:00, she has been coughing and coughing and she asked for the "happy face chart", as she calls it, and pointed right to the happiest.  "The happy one?", the NP said, and Felicity said YES!  I think she was just happy to be there!  She is so funny.  She had a double ear infection and the NP looked at her ears and said "they really don't hurt?" and Fifi said NOPE! She is ridiculous.  She has been driving me CRAZY today, but she has also been really cute.  Same as it ever was.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 2015

I have been a wreck since I broke my wrist, it is horrible.  My wrist doesn't actually hurt and almost never has but it gets a little sore by the end of the day and my spirit is absolutely broken by then, too, ha!  Felicity is the worst of everyone because she keeps saying in a very serious tone, you wrist is broken, Mommy! but, like, this morning - it is colder here than it has been and she made me carry her into preschool (because she can't walk in the cold, or something).  But she is doing great at preschool, terrible at toilet training, not so great at sleeping and pretty good at everything else.  She has started to play a little bit with our neighbor who is also three and that's super cute.  Her hair is getting so long!  Here's a cute picture:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 22 of Lent

I thought Felicity was going to miss two weeks of preschool, because we are going to Florida for the girls' spring break and then hers in the next week, but Mike reminded me today that she can go on Monday, so that's good!  Last night we went to Monarch Madness, the girls' cheerleading thing at school and I took with Felicity with me so we could hang out with Marta and her kids.  Felicity kept going outside to the playground, I mean, she kept ending up outside and I was thinking HOW is she getting out there?  Who is opening the door for her?  So I followed her at one point (it was freezing cold and I kept begging her to go back in) and she just ... pushed the door open, just used all of her 37 pounds or whatever to open this door which is NOT supposed to open if you don't push the rail.  She likes fresh air and she is determined, is what I am saying.  Oh!  And today, she was playing out in the driveway and I went to check on her and she was just toodling along there on her bike!  Very exciting!  If riding on her bike is happening, can toilet training be far behind?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Day 18

Felicity has started to dress herself and except for a very few incidents where she has tried to put her sleeve over her giant head, it's going pretty well.  This morning she told me she wanted to 'get dressed up' so we went upstairs (I actually had a lot of folded laundry downstairs but all those clothes were 'too big', she said) and she took off her nightgown and then went in the closet and closed to the door to get dressed.  So shy and private for someone who regularly thrusts her body at me and says 'I have poop, change me!.  I said I had to go to my room, was she okay? and she said YES! I FINE!  So I went into my room and she came in two minutes later with a skirt and shirt on, not bad!

She also identified the following shapes at the library story hour yesterday:  circle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond and octagon.  Not bad!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 13 of Lent

Felicity's cough is better, but she is still sort of runny and gross.  I wonder if she'll ever just be better, but maybe not.  Maybe she has allergies or something?  I don't know, at this stage I'm just hoping she doesn't have to have her tonsils out on my time.

She was kind of rough this morning, she wants to do exactly what she wants to do exactly when she wants to do it and sometimes that just isn't reasonable.  If I start to say no to her she starts crying and screaming immediately and I can't stand it so I just DO what she is asking if I can and I am aware that I am creating a monster but also?  I am so tired and so sick of screaming, and she knows it.  This morning Mike took her to preschool, and when they were walking out she said she wanted to go in the car, so he tok her out to the car and moved the car seat and then she said she wanted to go in the van, ugh!  Mike said you just said you wanted to go in the car and she folded her arms and grunted in this very low tone, VAAAAAANNNN.  So he took her in the van, I mean, what else can you do?  I just hope she outgrows it, this personality flaw, because I don't know what we'll do otherwise.

BUT I want to say something nice about Felicity.  Um.  Oh she is a great dancer!  Last night we were listening to Taylor Swift's Shake it Off before bed and she was dancing around, singing, it was super cute and adorable.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 9 of Lent

Felicity has a terrible cough.  TERRIBLE.  She has a tiny runny nose but she doesn't seem to be sick in any other way.  But last night and the night before she has awoken and demanded to first come into our room and then to go downstairs.  Mike was up with her until 5:30 Sunday morning and I was up with her from last night at midnight, ugh.  But last night she slept a lot better, I think maybe she is more comfortable down here, it's airier and she can sit up better.  Isn't she smart?

She is plucky as can be, especially considering how sickly she has been for most of her short time on earth.  She definitely hasn't been SICK, for which I am grateful, but the ear infections and fevers and runny noses, oh my!

Today Mike said to her "are you going to see Miss Judy?", and then he blanched.  She calls preschool Miss Judy's House but her teacher is Miss Sara, Miss Judy was her teacher when she was two and she still misses her.  But we have told her enough that she was able to parrot back to Mike, "No, Daddy! Miss Judy's room is for little kids, I a big kid!  I go see Miss Sara!".  We were both relieved.

She has a great memory, she sings every single song she's learned in preschool.  I don't think anyone else has done that and I find it charming.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 5 of Lent

It's not really Day 5 of Lent but there are really like 46 days of Lent and I am only doing 40 days of this so I am confident I can get it done.  I don't really know why the thing about the 40/46 days, although some people say that Sundays are not really days of Lent.  One Episcopalian priest I knew told me that technically, every Sunday is a feast day, so you shouldn't really not celebrate them, I don't know.  Mike and I have given up sweets for lent but we are not having sweets on Sundays, because Mike says and I agree, it's easier to give up sweets the longer you've given them up, so why mess with yourself every week?  Anyway.  What's So Great About Felicity?

  • One thing that's really great about Felicity is that she is great about going to school.  She loves her preschool, which I think speaks to how great her preschool is but also how great and flexible she is.  She went last year to the Twos Class and she was good in there, took a nap every day, never one time cried when I left her, and now this year in the Young Threes she never cries, eats all of her lunch, has friends, and sometimes naps and sometimes doesn't, just like every other kid in there.  
  • Later this year, she will go to St. Joan of Arc preschool, but she's going five days a week.  The hours are from 8-3 and now she goes 9-2, but only three days a week, so it will be a different.  I'm guessing she'll be fine, I think she'll love it, it's a great program.  Plus Veronica and Maria will be there too, and sometimes they go downstairs and they will just bump into each other in the hall and I think that will be super fun for them.  Everyone keeps asking me what will I do with my time while everyone is in school and I always answer the same way, I guess I'll get a job to pay for their damned school but honestly I don't know what I'll do.  
  • Felicity is very good at trying to fit in and acting more like the older kids in a group.  This summer, she was all about keeping up with the older girls, Maria and Veronica and also Carlotta and Maddelena, she came to the pool with us, creek stomping, to get ice cream, to the movies, all kinds of things I wouldn't have taken any other 2.5 year old to do.  But it made her kind of bored with me this fall once the girls went back to school, so I think that it will be good for her to go to preschool every day.  BUT it doesn't mean that I'm not sad that we can't have time together like I did with the other kids, because I am, a little.  I'm not sad that she is growing up or getting older or whatever, but I feel kind of bad that she can't have the same kind of young childhood that Maria or Veronica did.  But I guess that's birth order, right?  She is definitely a little tougher than the other ones, I know she'll be fine, and I'm grateful that we can be so confident that she'll be happy.