Monday, September 15, 2014


Poor Felicity is sick.  She has an ear infection in one ear for sure and maybe in the other, and she probably has pneumonia!  Ugh, she had a cough on Friday night and she woke up around 1:00 crying so Mike gave her some ibuprofen and sent her back to bed but she woke up around 3:00 FOR THE DAY and tortured him all night.  When she woke up at 3:00, she woke up Veronica, who got super scared and sad (she is sensitive during the day and it takes on really insane levels in the middle of the night) so I took her into our room.  Felicity fell asleep around 5:30 until 6:30 and that was in for the day.  We were all so tired and sick on Saturday but there was nothing that could be done - Anthony had plans with his respite girl and Maria and Veronica had a birthday party, I had friends in town for the Notre Dame/Purdue game, so we just pressed on.

Saturday night I had to work, we were busy and I had another friend in town who I was waiting on, a group of 15 or so friends, and while I was waiting on them, Mike called and said that Anthony was having a seizure, so I wrapped it up and ran home so he could take him to the ER. I cleaned up Anthony's room (he had been sick to his stomach, too) and did laundry and as soon as I finished, Felicity woke up crying.  I moved her to my room, where she slept for a little bit but she was soon wide awake and crazy, so we went downstairs.  Mike and Anthony had been admitted, so it was just us until she finally fell asleep around 6:00, then the girls woke up at 7:00.

I took them all to the Take Care Clinic at the Walgreens, where the woman felt like she had an ear infection and said that her oxygen ... intake?  Whatever, how much she was getting was 97% and she would probably benefit from a nebulizer treatment but they didn't have a pediatric sized one.  So we went from there to another urgent care, one I had called to see if they had a kids' sized one and they said they did.  We saw a doctor there who said she did have an ear infection and probably pneumonia but he didn't see a reason to confirm it with a chest xray, since the treatment for both things were the same, anti-biotics.  So we went home and started medicating her and she's better.

Ay yi yi, it is always something with these people!  Mike was up all night with her Friday and I was Saturday and last night, THANK GOD, she slept all night.  I am hoping we are over the hump with her and that everyone has a good week. It's so awful to be sick, I know, but it is also awful to be the sick one's mother.  It's so terrible to not sleep and then you have to just - keep doing everything you are supposed to do.  My friend who was visiting came over yesterday and I had a card party that I was invited to sub in, everyone still has to have dinner and do homework and man - all I can say is that I was so glad to see bedtime come last night.  Here's to a better week!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Almost three

Felicity is almost three and she is super, super cute lately.  When she wants ice cream, she says she wants to go to the Ice Cream Station.  She calls applesauce applesop.  This morning I made her some toast and put butter on it and she came over and stuck her finger in it and said YUCK, I do not like peanut butter, Mommy!  I said it's not peanut butter, it's just butter and she said OKAY and ate it.  She cracks me up.

She is driving Maria crazy at night.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she goes to preschool and she takes a nap and then she is wide awake at night, while Maria and Veronica do not nap or even rest, so they are ready to go to sleep and Felicity is roaming the room, bugging them.  She used to bug Veronica but now she is bugging Maria and that stinks for ME because now Maria is bugging ME about it!  Two nights ago, we said Maria could sleep in Felicity's old room, in my parents' bed, and now she wants to sleep in there every night.  But Veronica doesn't want to be stuck in their room without Maria and so she is miserable.  Last night, Felicity was bugging and bugging Maria but Veronica had fallen asleep, so I let Maria sleep in the other room.  There are three beds in their room, a bunk bed and then a single twin bed and guess where Felicity wants to sleep?  That's right.  In the top bunk - a place to where she can climb UP but not DOWN.  It's all very annoying and it makes me hate the night time but I remember from Veronica being this age that it won't last forever.

Felicity is now the age that Maria was when we moved into this house, which just seems crazy, right?  She is not doing that great with the potty, and by that I mean she is just not doing anything.  I'm sure something will click, I just hope it's soon.  She is doing very, very well everywhere else, she marches right into preschool, she is playing with other kids, Anthony isn't bugging her as much.  So things are good, even if she is kind of annoying.

On Sunday, we went to see my niece Moira play soccer, which is something the girls really like to do, so I took Felicity.  She was the worst one there, she kept messing with the one net and getting her feet stuck, but she wasn't terrible.  My brother and sister in law were there and introduced me to their friends, the parents of Moira's good friend.  Anyway, the dad told me that for him and his (measly) two kids, three was MUCH worse than two.  I wanted to say are you kidding me?  Are you so compelled to be a bossy know it all that you are going to tell me, the mother of FOUR kids, about two or three and how the threes can be TERRIBLE?  I mean, I've heard that!  But I didn't say anything, I just said that my kids are pretty rough babies and for me, they just get better as they get older.  And then I silently said, so shut it, ha!

Here's a cute picture of Felicity in the bathtub.  She never wants to get out and last night she was putting bubbles all over her face and yelling at me to BLOW THEM UP!   BLOW THEM UP, MOMMY!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Update

Felicity has started school and it makes me wish she went every damned day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday!  My friend Hannah was saying the other day how happy she was that her son was a fall birthday so she could get an extra year with him and - I mean, I don't even understand that sentence.  I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to her going to school every day.  She likes it better, I like it better, WIN WIN!  But it's okay, I guess.

She goes to school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-2 and she loves it.  I am lucky, on the first day some kids were crying and crying and there went Felicity, right into the room, never looking back.  Our van was in the shop today so Mike took her to school for the first time and he texted me that she "barely said goodbye".  Ha!

On Thursdays and Fridays, we are home together, just us.  Last week Marta and I and our youngests went to the park and tried to take a walk but it was a big fat fail.  If it's not one complaining or grousing, it's the other.

She drives me crazy but she is so adorable.  Just now we are all sitting around watching The Wiggles and she is dancing, she's really good!  She talks so well, such great and long sentences.  She's a little hard to understand but overall I think she is a genius.  Here is just one picture of her because I can't figure out why, but it won't let me post more than one.

P.S. we are getting nowhere with the potty.  NOWHERE.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


I'm sitting around with Felicity, we just got back from a walk.  We went two miles in 39 minutes, which is not great but we stop a lot.  She turns around, she leans out, she wants her shoes off, she drops her crackers/water bottle/shoes, she wants to get down, etc.  I thought maybe she'd fall asleep because she was up early (6:52) and she has a wicked summer cold but alas, she did not.  Now she is sitting on my hip and we are watching some Peppa Pig, which is one of her favorite things lately.

Other favorite things of Felicity's, here at two years and nine months old:

  • having her back or belly scratched
  • short books, Opposites by Sandra Boynton, this cute book my cousin Lisa sent where you count things on the farm, look at colors of the farm, talk about opposites on the farm (if opposite seems like a theme, it is, as it OPPOSITIONAL)
  • swimming, or playing at the pool anyway
  • swinging on the pink swing, which is the baby swing, then the blue swing, which is Anthony's swing, and then jumping on the tramplopline, and she does all three for about two minutes at a time in a kind of circuit.  
  • wearing dresses
  • going to "Miss Judy's House", which is what she calls her preschool.  She has been going on Wednesdays to their little Simply Summer program, just from 9-1 and she loves it.  I can't wait for her to go back this fall, really the end of August.  She loves being there and I love her to be there too.  Or anywhere that is not right up under my arm.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Three for Thursday

Let's see.  What is Felicity up to this week?  She is two years and eight months old, closer to three than two.  She is not even remotely interested in toilet training, so much so that I have been kind of laying off talking about it because she gets so mad when I bring it up.  No!. she yells when I innocently ask if she'd like to sit on the potty, or if she thinks she might EVER want to sit on the potty.  She'll do it someday, I'm guessing.

Today I took Maria and Veronica to swim lessons and they were taking off their dresses, under which they had on their suits, and poor Felicity started to take off her clothes too.  After just a little bit of talking, we went to the play area, where she played with this super nice five year old girl and then hell descended upon us in the form of 20 kids from the Child Watch, oh, it was crazy!  There were two childwatch workers there, and the one was really good, or trying to be, telling the big kids to look out for the little kids, but it was rough.  THEN some 11 or 12 year old girl climbed over Felicity to sit on this big block, one that you can climb in, one that is specifically for little kids and is in fact in the little kid area of the play room.  I said, could you let her play in there, she's only two.  Then the girl gave me a hard look, and swung one leg over, still sitting on the block.  So I stood up and said, that's good, but I'm going to need you to get all the way off the block.  Are you kidding me?, I always think.  The Child Watch lady said how sorry she was but I don't expect her to discipline some kid in Child Watch, I felt fine about doing it myself.  But honestly - the way that kids are (I hate to say this because it sounds like an old lady thing to say) today is awful - AWFUL.  It never would have occurred to me to behave like that around an adult when I was that kid's age or even now!  I wouldn't have taken a TOY from a BABY but you know why?  Because I was raised right.  I can't believe that people are so surprised that everyone is so jerky, but they also allow their kids to talk to adults with no respect at all.  Also, I read an article that my friend Gael wrote about Last Day of School Traditions and what are you doing with you kids to celebrate them on their last day of school and I think really?  REALLY?  We have a big parade in town because Maria got from Kindergarten to first grade?  That is the least that is expected from her!  I don't understand anyone or anything and I feel like an alien all the time.

Felicity is so funny - she is a real tough guy about so many things but yesterday we were watching My Little Pony, Veronica's pick, and one of the ponies was having a nightmare about a cougar or something and Felicity freaked out! She ran out of the room screaming!  I assured her it was just pretend, blah blah blah, and she's fine of course but it's just funny what affects people.

Here's some pics!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Joy of Parenting

The other day I saw a picture on Instagram, a blogger I like, who has a baby just a little older than Felicity, was saying how great two is.  How two is her jam.  And other people commented and said oh, them too, wasn't two the BOMB?  DOT COM?  Wasn't it just so great?  And I think - no!  No it is not that great!  And then I think is it me?  It probably is, it probably is just me and my family, because on its face, it should be great. Felicity talks a lot and she is super fun and funny and cute.  Her hair is getting longer and she is the first of my kids to have a little curl to her hair.  She is adorable and funny and smart and, important only to me, seems FINE in the talking/typical behavior department.

But she is also the devil and that is the truth.  She is crazy and here's how.  Yesterday we went upstairs to get ready for church and I held out her cute Easter dress.  I know better than to show her anything involving pants, she only wears dresses.  So I held out this dress and she said, NO!  That is TOO SMALL!  I wanna THISDRESS!  But that dress was Maria's and it was way too big on Maria - it's a size EIGHT!  I said no, Fifi, that is too big, you'll fall down and she said I WANNA WEAR A DRESS!  THAT DRESS!  So I put it on her and she wore it to church, she looked like a lunatic and I'm sure I looked like one too. She was her usual bad self at church, but it was all heightened because she was wearing that ridiculous dress and kept falling down and crying to ME about it.

The thing is, I think she thinks she is Maria's age, I think she really thinks that dress in a 3T would be too small on her, but my question is, then why doesn't she want to go on the toilet like Maria does?  She saves her loudest and most obnoxious NOs for when I innocently ask, do you want to go on the potty?  I mean, she doesn't want to wear clothes or a diaper, and she thinks she's six years old, so wouldn't you naturally think she wants to go to the toilet?  You might think that, but you'd be wrong.

Here's some cute pictures, so we can all forget how crazy she makes a person, and we will all think two is awesome, too, maybe.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Felicity the Fairy

She is something else, right?  This picture was from the other night, we went out, just us girls, to follow Maria around as she knocked on doors to collect money for her Walkathon.  We walked up and down the street and I had a HECK of a time getting them back in the house, but then I told Felicity she could take a bath and have a cupcake and off she went, I snapped this as she was tearing by.

She is really getting fun!  And awful!  She talks a lot, definitely in more sentences and she does this cute thing that Maria used to do.  I say something like, Felicity, do you want to eat some lunch? and she says OKAY!, like it's the best idea she ever heard.  She just now said "I washa hands?".  I said "you want to wash your hands?" and she said "OKAY!".  Ha!

Today is the last day it will be just us until the fall, as it's Veronica's last day of preschool.  We will probably go for a walk, we are going over to a friend of mine's house so I can babysit for a while, maybe I'll mow the lawn.  She is a good little companion.  And that's good, because she hasn't taken a nap in over a year, ha!