Sunday, October 26, 2014

Poor Felicity

Poor Felicity has another ear infection.  I told my sister that today and she said well now I feel bad for thinking she was being such a jerk the other day!  But the thing is, she WAS being a jerk.  She had a fever on Thursday and threw up first thing in the morning but she seemed better later and definitely better by Friday, when she went to her ballet recital.  I didn't go, Mike took her, because I took Maria and Veronica to see Sleeping Beauty and I didn't think she would be into it.

Anyway, then yesterday she yelled at me, MY MOUTH HURTS and I was like did you bite your tongue?  She was eating strawberries and she kept saying OW! OW! OW! but it wasn't until alter that I thought holy crap I bet her throat hurts!  She doesn't know from THROAT and MOUTH, ugh, poor baby.  I swear no one else has ever been sick like this before, I bet none of them have ever had a sore throat.  The NP at the clinic today said how big her tonsils were and I do not even want to think about that, so I'm not going to.

So she has been having a rough few days and she woke up first this morning, out in the hall, saying Mommy?  Mommy?  She is so funny, she just stays stock still, doesn't even come bashing in the room like Maria or Veronica would.  She fell asleep so hard today after we went to this Trunk or Treat at the church that houses her preschool, but just for a while and then she was much more pleasant.  She freaked out today, she tried to take some candy from another trick or treater.  It was confusing, people were giving her candy out of baskets and this girl was standing there with candy in a basket, and she just didn't get it.  So when the girl took her candy back, Felicity screamed and screamed and screamed and cried and it got better but man.  She gets so mad so fast and I am always so close to the end of my rope, ugh.  But overall, you know, she did great, she wore her Olaf costume and she was nice and said TRICK OR TREAT! to everyone, I am hopeful she will have a good week.  As usual.  Here's a cute picture:

Friday, October 17, 2014


I don't know how to not resent the jerk who stayed up all night crying and who is now super tired and crabby and is screaming and screaming in the other room because I shook her chocolate milk.  She just came in here and is yelling "I want to shake the milk!".  It would be funny if it weren't so desperate.  She didn't go to sleep until almost 9:00 last night, after I moved Maria and Veronica out of their own room so they weren't kept up by her screaming.  Then she was up at 12, 2:20 and 5:50 for the day.  I was up with her all those times and now I'm supposed to take this person to ballet at 10:30 and then to lunch to meet some friends.  And THEN I am supposed to go to work!  Is this a joke?  I always think.  Surely this is a joke, right?  This couldn't really be happening to me, I can't really be 46 (and a half!) years old and sitting on a couch with some YAHOO yelling about shaking the milk to me.  Can I?  Is this really happening?  Every day I think there is no way I can keep doing this and some day it's going to be true.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Third Birthday!

Happy birthday to Felicity!  This is her last day of Fall Break and she has not slept in one single day, even though sometimes when she is in preschool, I have to go wake her up for her 8:45 departure.  Last night I was complaining about something she did and this girl I work with said, so basically what you are saying is that you shouldn't have had a fourth kid.  I was completely dumbfounded, um, no!, that is not what I'm saying!  I'm saying sometimes she drives me crazy, and especially this week when we have had so much time together, from an early morning until she goes to bed.  I think maybe YOU are basically saying I shouldn't have had a fourth child, I thought but did not say.

Anyway, ::claps hands briskly::, back to Felicity.  Today we gave her her presents from us (Mike got her an adorable counting puzzle with animals, one elephant, two deer, etc., and I got her four new board books that she can have as her very own) and we are going to go to ballet later.  Then I am somehow going to pick up pizza and salad and cupcakes and bring them to Marta's and we are having a lunchtime pizza party.  I'm working tonight but Mike is going to take them for Happy Meals and then they'll have cake and ice cream later.  I feel bad that I'm working but I just took off for the Parents Night Out and I am taking off for Halloween, so separate parties it is!

I am excited about Felicity's fourth year.  I hope that she gets toilet trained, she'll start at preschool at the girls' school next fall, who knows what else is in store for her!  It's very exciting, anyway, right?  Even if it's annoying and crazy making and all the other bad stuff, it's all the good and great stuff, too, parenthood.  So God Bless Felicity and happy birthday to her!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Almost Three

What kind of week did Felicity have, I was thinking today?  The same as last week, pretty much!  Sh was funny tonight before bed, she was tired but didn't want to end it.  Again?, she asked when I read her HER book, a cute story about fingers and toes and eyes and your nose.  I read it one more time and I stood up and the end and ran out when I was done and she must have gone to sleep because they are all quiet.

She had a great week at school, as usual, I took her to the library on Thursday and on Friday we went to ballet, so it was a normal week.  On Saturday, though, the girls went to a birthday party and Anthony went to Great Times with Christina and so Mike and I took Felicity by herself to La Hacienda, a mexican place by us.  It is prettily decorated, lots of bright colors, and she likes the quesadillas, it went well.  These bros came in, a birthday party for one of them, and my LORD they were so loud!  So loud and so obnoxious and it felt to me very plainly like so long ago that I was their age.  But anyway, she and we had a good time and then we went to CVS and Costco with her and it was pretty easy.  This funny thing happened, though.  We were at Costco and I was afraid I lost my keys and before we could form a plan for finding them, I realized they were in my hand.  I think somehow because I only had one child with me I was all messed up, ha!  The things you get used to.  Anyway, here's a cute picture:

Monday, September 22, 2014


Felicity started ballet on Friday!  She is so cute, she was kind of the worst one there but it wasn't a big contest.  She is the youngest, probably, as you are supposed to be three and she won't be three for a month, so I don't feel too bad.  Veronica started in January when she was going to be five in May, so she was younger but she and Felicity are, ahem, different personality types, so Felicity was a little bad.  There is a new teacher, of course, and I don't envy her coming in to a new position where the person who had the last position was so well loved, but she seemed fine.  After class I said I hope Felicity did okay and that she could come back, and the teacher said "I have lots of experience with little girls, we will be fine!", so that was good.

She had a rough week, she is still on antibiotics, but it's been okay.  Yesterday Anthony woke her up in the morning and boy oh BOY was she grumpy in the afternoon.  My sister Laura was here and we couldn't get over how bad she was.  Chocolate milk in my water bottle!, she kept screaming and I tried for a long time to tell her no, we have milk in a cup, water in a water bottle, but I thought she'd explode from anger so I just gave her the milk and she fell asleep about two seconds later.  You should have seen her face, drinking that milk.  She was furiously sucking on the bottle but getting no joy from it, dirty looking me the whole time.  Then she woke up kind of roughly but honestly by Sunday afternoon, we just all try and push through.  She was pretty good in church, she is getting better all the time.  She's ridiculous, of course, Veronica and I went to the bathroom and she came and there was fan there and she refused to leave it.  WINDY!, she was yelling, so I sent Veronica back and stayed with her for a minute so she could enjoy the breeze.

Today she is at school, Mike dropped her off and he said she didn't even pretend to say goodbye, just ran in the room and didn't look back.  I told Mike we are lucky, she has never had one hard time about me leaving her. She goes there three days a week, Thursdays we can go to the library and Friday she has ballet so hopefully we will have a good fall and winter, keeping nice and busy.  Here's a cute picture:

Monday, September 15, 2014


Poor Felicity is sick.  She has an ear infection in one ear for sure and maybe in the other, and she probably has pneumonia!  Ugh, she had a cough on Friday night and she woke up around 1:00 crying so Mike gave her some ibuprofen and sent her back to bed but she woke up around 3:00 FOR THE DAY and tortured him all night.  When she woke up at 3:00, she woke up Veronica, who got super scared and sad (she is sensitive during the day and it takes on really insane levels in the middle of the night) so I took her into our room.  Felicity fell asleep around 5:30 until 6:30 and that was in for the day.  We were all so tired and sick on Saturday but there was nothing that could be done - Anthony had plans with his respite girl and Maria and Veronica had a birthday party, I had friends in town for the Notre Dame/Purdue game, so we just pressed on.

Saturday night I had to work, we were busy and I had another friend in town who I was waiting on, a group of 15 or so friends, and while I was waiting on them, Mike called and said that Anthony was having a seizure, so I wrapped it up and ran home so he could take him to the ER. I cleaned up Anthony's room (he had been sick to his stomach, too) and did laundry and as soon as I finished, Felicity woke up crying.  I moved her to my room, where she slept for a little bit but she was soon wide awake and crazy, so we went downstairs.  Mike and Anthony had been admitted, so it was just us until she finally fell asleep around 6:00, then the girls woke up at 7:00.

I took them all to the Take Care Clinic at the Walgreens, where the woman felt like she had an ear infection and said that her oxygen ... intake?  Whatever, how much she was getting was 97% and she would probably benefit from a nebulizer treatment but they didn't have a pediatric sized one.  So we went from there to another urgent care, one I had called to see if they had a kids' sized one and they said they did.  We saw a doctor there who said she did have an ear infection and probably pneumonia but he didn't see a reason to confirm it with a chest xray, since the treatment for both things were the same, anti-biotics.  So we went home and started medicating her and she's better.

Ay yi yi, it is always something with these people!  Mike was up all night with her Friday and I was Saturday and last night, THANK GOD, she slept all night.  I am hoping we are over the hump with her and that everyone has a good week. It's so awful to be sick, I know, but it is also awful to be the sick one's mother.  It's so terrible to not sleep and then you have to just - keep doing everything you are supposed to do.  My friend who was visiting came over yesterday and I had a card party that I was invited to sub in, everyone still has to have dinner and do homework and man - all I can say is that I was so glad to see bedtime come last night.  Here's to a better week!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Almost three

Felicity is almost three and she is super, super cute lately.  When she wants ice cream, she says she wants to go to the Ice Cream Station.  She calls applesauce applesop.  This morning I made her some toast and put butter on it and she came over and stuck her finger in it and said YUCK, I do not like peanut butter, Mommy!  I said it's not peanut butter, it's just butter and she said OKAY and ate it.  She cracks me up.

She is driving Maria crazy at night.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she goes to preschool and she takes a nap and then she is wide awake at night, while Maria and Veronica do not nap or even rest, so they are ready to go to sleep and Felicity is roaming the room, bugging them.  She used to bug Veronica but now she is bugging Maria and that stinks for ME because now Maria is bugging ME about it!  Two nights ago, we said Maria could sleep in Felicity's old room, in my parents' bed, and now she wants to sleep in there every night.  But Veronica doesn't want to be stuck in their room without Maria and so she is miserable.  Last night, Felicity was bugging and bugging Maria but Veronica had fallen asleep, so I let Maria sleep in the other room.  There are three beds in their room, a bunk bed and then a single twin bed and guess where Felicity wants to sleep?  That's right.  In the top bunk - a place to where she can climb UP but not DOWN.  It's all very annoying and it makes me hate the night time but I remember from Veronica being this age that it won't last forever.

Felicity is now the age that Maria was when we moved into this house, which just seems crazy, right?  She is not doing that great with the potty, and by that I mean she is just not doing anything.  I'm sure something will click, I just hope it's soon.  She is doing very, very well everywhere else, she marches right into preschool, she is playing with other kids, Anthony isn't bugging her as much.  So things are good, even if she is kind of annoying.

On Sunday, we went to see my niece Moira play soccer, which is something the girls really like to do, so I took Felicity.  She was the worst one there, she kept messing with the one net and getting her feet stuck, but she wasn't terrible.  My brother and sister in law were there and introduced me to their friends, the parents of Moira's good friend.  Anyway, the dad told me that for him and his (measly) two kids, three was MUCH worse than two.  I wanted to say are you kidding me?  Are you so compelled to be a bossy know it all that you are going to tell me, the mother of FOUR kids, about two or three and how the threes can be TERRIBLE?  I mean, I've heard that!  But I didn't say anything, I just said that my kids are pretty rough babies and for me, they just get better as they get older.  And then I silently said, so shut it, ha!

Here's a cute picture of Felicity in the bathtub.  She never wants to get out and last night she was putting bubbles all over her face and yelling at me to BLOW THEM UP!   BLOW THEM UP, MOMMY!