Monday, May 23, 2016

More May

Two posts in one month! We spend the most unfettered time together, I think, so we have more pictures of Felicity.  She is doing fine, she finished preschool on Thursday and was home with me on Friday, we went to her preschool picnic.  Today Mike is working from home and he has her.  He said she is leaving him alone and letting him work, so that's good!  Tomorrow and Wednesday I'm off and Wednesday is my last day of school so it will be me with Felicity all summer now!  Next year she'll start TK, or Transitional Kindergarten, since she won't be five until October.  She had a great year at preschool.  She is still impossible, She drives me bananas on a daily basis, but she also makes me crazy with happiness and pride.  Her life is not like any of my other kids, Anthony pushes her down whenever he has a chance, no one ever does what she wants, etc., etc., boo hoo, it can be hard to be her, but she really does stay pretty cheery.

She is going crazy with these Baby Alive dolls that she wants, she asks several times a day every day.  A few weeks ago I got her a Baby Alive Bath doll, just on a whim.  I had some money from a survey I took or something and I got it for her.  She immediately started bugging me and everyone for a Baby Boo Boo doll.  Mike said to her one night, Mommy just got you a doll this week! Don't you think two dolls in one week is a lot.  She said, furious, two is not a big number.  One hundred is a big number.  Ha, she kills me.

Friday, May 6, 2016


Here's Felicity, on Monday, when she had to stay home with an ear infection.  She woke up in the night, burning, BURNING, with fever and then Mike took the day off to take her to the clinic.  She's doing much better.  She really is better in general, she hasn't been sick recently.  It's certainly nothing like it was when she was tiny, and so sick all the time, vomiting on my shoulder every time I turned around.

Last night was her preschool program, she sang a million songs and she did just fine.  She seems so happy and content at preschool, which is good because LORD knows she isn't always content at home.  She just - I have to tell her no about every other thing just so that she knows that no is sometimes going to be the answer.  I bought her a new pair of shoes yesterday, sandals at Target, and she loved them, thank you soooo much!, she was yelling.  Then we get on line and she started demanding a Reese's cup, because she "loves peanut butter!".  I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! WHY CAN'T I HAVE THAT?  Lord, child!

Anyway, she is doing fine, here are some cute pictures.

Monday, February 1, 2016


Oy, no posting in January!  It seemed like a long month but it also seemed to go fast, thank God.  We have been having warm weather, in the 50's, here lately but it's going to get cold again later in the week.  I took the dog for walks both days this weekend to try and get out while we can.  Anyway, Felicity is fine.  This morning her teacher was out from school, she was out Thursday and Friday too, and I guess by today Felicity had sort of had it because she was VERY difficult to leave today.  Not in the way that I couldn't tear myself away from her wonderfulness, but in the way that she didn't want me to leave and was crying.  Ugh, it's the worst.  I always want my kids to get older faster but especially Felicity.  This morning on the way to school she told me she wanted to use her Minnie Mouse potty again because it's 'so cute'.  She's also sarcastic - she told me today "I'm going to get an ear infection because Daddy got water in my ears last night when he was washing my ear, so yay!, another ear infection for me!  What four year old is sarcastic like that?  I do not even know.  Here are some pictures of her, one from when we went roller skating on MLK day, she did really well!

Friday, December 11, 2015


Oh these weeks are long! I work on Monday Thursday and Friday and every day of the week I have to drive like a bat out of hell almost everywhere I go and it's wearing, to say the least.  Tomorrow we are going to Anthony's party at his school but that's our only Christmasy thing we are doing.  Last week I took the three girls to see A Christmas Carol at IRT, we had a good time and by that I mean we didn't get kicked out.  Maria and Veronica were much, much better this year than last year and Felicity was - not great, but she did better than anyone else would have at her age.  She was kind of loud and she asked a lot of questions, but mostly she was okay.  She is driving me crazy lately, wants to be carried everywhere, mostly into school when I am already carrying her bags and Veronica's bag, ugh.  She still loves preschool and her teacher.  She has been waking up a LOT in the night, I wish so much that she wasn't taking a nap anymore because it makes the nights that she does awful.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Last Saturday, I guess maybe it was two Saturdays ago now, I had to take Felicity to the ER.  She was up all night Friday coughing and burning with fever so around 7:00 I took her.  She had an ear infection and maybe pneumonia.  The doctor (who remembered me from my broken wrist in March, not to brag) said he didn't want to do a chest xray but maybe she had pneumonia but the antibiotics should cover everything.  I am hoping she will stop napping at preschool here soon because right now she naps every day there and tortures the girls at night, last night she told Mike that she was 'scared' and she wanted him to lie down with her, ugh.  The night before last she was up at 12;30 and came in because there were "ants" in her room, UGH!  But she's overall doing great, she is so funny and talks a blue streak.  I thought Maria talked a lot but she is nothing compared to Felicity.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catching up with Felicity

Felicity is doing great.  She is doing GREAT, if you ask her preschool teacher.  Her teacher loves her so much and she must save all her goodness for her because she is terrible at home lately.  I suppose it's better for her to be good there and not here but wouldn't it be nice if she could be good both places?  Anyway here are some pictures-

Moira Rose and Felicity Rose.
One day this week she wanted to go to preschool as a Frozen fairy, so she did.  Generally she says it and we do it, ha!
School picture.  I wish she'd let me put her hair up but she won't hear one word about it.  "I'll just push it out of my face!", she always tells me.
Nerd Felicity.
She was teaching me how to make a smile face.  How's it look?
A few weekends ago, she was sick and I was worried it was an ear infection but it was just a normal cold, to our relief!

That's it!  Tune in next month!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Number Four

She is something else, this Felicity.  The other day we were at school, when I pick them up as 'walkers', they can play in the playground for a while and they were playing until Felicity came over to me and said OK, Mommy, I am ready to wrap it up!  Ha!  What four year old talks like that?  She is so funny, so cute and sweet.  I went in to her preschool Friday because I had off from work for Fall Break and I went to volunteer.  When I went in she was standing at the table, playing with play dough and her teacher said, Joanne! She is always like this, just playing and perfect!  Don't come to her conference!  She is perfect and you know it! Mike and I took her and the girls to the little Halloween party at her preschool and the teachers were going crazy over Felicity and her costume.  So even if she drives me bananas sometimes, mostly, she is a real joy.  Mostly, we all love her like crazy and so does everybody else.  So that's good, right?  I can't believe she's four!