Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back at It

Felicity is back at preschool, thanks GOD.  She definitely had the hardest break, Lord, she was sick every other day, it seemed like.  The problem with someone being sick so much when they are just three years old is that anything can become a bad habit so quickly.  Like she has been fine for days in a row but last night at 2:30, 2:30 this morning, she was up screaming and wanted something to drink.  We ran in there so she didn't wake up too much and thank God she went back to sleep but then of course Anthony's school district called at FIVE THIRTY to say that he had a delay, he of course will not be attending his school today as it's a Little Star day so it ended up that we slept like we had a newborn or something.  A not very good sleeping newborn, ha!

Anyway, back to Felicity.  She is better, she is happy to be back at school.  She didn't even say goodbye today, she just bossed me around and took off into her classroom.  "Put my lunch they-ah!", she said, and took off.  Ha, she is funny.  It snowed a lot last night and when I opened the door this morning, she said "would you LOOK at all the SNOW!  Would you LOOK AT IT!".  I keep forgtting how little she is because it seems like we have been hanging out since I was in KINDERGARTEN or something, but she is in fact only three years old and everything is new to her all the time, she doesn't remember from last year.

She doesn't eat much.  She eats all her lunch at preschool but she is terrible about eating breakfast and dinner.  Yesterday she had chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a pancake for breakfast and I don't even know what for dinner.  Oh, she ate pasta-YELLOW pasta.  I remember now because I made one pot spaghetti, which is delicious and tomato-ey and Felicity demanded YELLOW pasta, which meant I had to make some farfalle separate and put butter and cheese on it for her and then she ate it.  I wish she would eat a meatball or something but what can you do.

Here's a cute picture of her napping the other day.  Mike says if he sees her napping again during the day he's going to slap her awake, but of course he is kidding.  It is just a NIGHTMARE when she naps because then she stays awake hours after they go upstairs, keeping Maria and Veronica awake.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Fun

Yesterday the girls and I went to the Eiteljorg Museum, here in town, to see their Jingle Rails exhibit.  The Eiteljorg is a Native American and Western .. something museum, and this exhibit is super cool.  It's 1200 feet of train track and they go up over head and from Indianapolis to .. the West (I should work in Marketing, ha!) so you see renderings of Indianapolis, downtown, the State Fairgrounds, and then, like, pueblos in Arizona, and New Mexico.  I will make a link so in case anyone wanted more information about it, they could get some actual information and not the bumbling that I am doing here.  Here.  Anyway, it is super cool and of course the girls had little to no appreciation for it.  I took Veronica to the Eiteljorg last year and she remembered the super fun stuff downstairs at the museum where you can go in a stagecoach, get dressed up like a cowboy, shop in a Chinese shop, etc., so we whipped through the Jingle Rails so we could go down there and it was fun.

The day before yesterday I took them to the Children's Museum, which was fun but hard, like every other damned thing.  Felicity's skirt fell off her as she walked into the museum, so I had to buy her some too-large and too-expensive pants, and she didn't want me to ride with her on the Carousel, but you *have* to ride with your three year old, so I had to stand two horses behind her, with some other family, who thought I was crazy.

People are nuts.  Here it is, the Christmas season, and I am smack dab in the middle of the Friendly Hoosier State and I swear to God, not one person looked me in the eye yesterday.  I would have loved to have shared that Felicity wanted me to stay back, I thought it was funny, but nobody would make eye contact with me!  I didn't want to be their best friend (GOD KNOWS) but I just wanted to speak to someone, what the hell?  After we got off the Carousel, Felicity was eating all this fake food at the fake ice cream shop, and this mom and I commiserated about how gross that was and how dumb it is to do, but I think that is the only person I talked to all day.

Anyway, we have been trying to have Christmas Break Fun but it's challenging because everyone keeps getting sick.  Felicity was sick early last week and she has actually been okay ever since but God knows how long she will stay that way, because since she's been sick, and missed her last two damned days of preschool before her two week break, Maria was sick, Veronica was sick, Anthony was sick, then Maria was sick AGAIN and Veronica woke up sick this morning, so who the hell knows what will happen.  So far, so good, with Felicity.

She is still impossible to take anywhere.  I mean, I have to take her everywhere because she wants to go but she still, like, refuses to leave her damned shoes on.  Yesterday I was talking to my friend Adam when we were at the Eiteljorg, I had placed myself so I could see all three girls, and I looked over in the shop they have set up, where they sell like dry goods and also Chinese slipper and there on the shelf were Felicity's shoes, ha!  Right now she is standing in front of me, mad and crying, because she has one arm out of her nightgown but she still wants to wear her nightgown.  Or something.  She is infuriating, she never seems to know what the hell she wants but she is very serious about it, whatever it is.  But she's so cute and when she was sick, no matter how she felt, when I said "how are you feeling?", she'd say "bettah".  I hope she has a Merry Christmas and I hope that 2015 is her best year yet.  For all of our sakes, ha!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Almost Christmas

A few weeks ago, when the girls had off from school the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I took them all three bowling with another friend of mine and her charge, who is 12, and a friend of hers who brought his two kids, who were like eight and six.  We all had a really good time, Felicity "bowled", where you put the ball up on a ramp, for most of the first game (we played two) and then she got really over it, but she spent the rest of the time looking at this Christmas tree that was set up in the bowling alley.  She was so intrigued by it, she just kept walking around and around it, she was so into it.  I wondered aloud what she was doing and my friend Jill pointed out that she probably didn't really remember the tree from last year, which is true!  Lord, it is so complicated, I feel like every day I'm going to lose my mind with this kid and she will never remember it!  She probably won't even remember standing there looking at the tree for so long, but she is clearly really happy in the moment, so is that good?  Does that matter?  I do not even know.

We are home now, on Friday afternoon.  She and I went to ballet this morning, after a two week break.  A two week break, I found out this morning, was way too long, no one could even remember what to do in the recital and Felicity especially wanted nothing to do with it.  She was upset that I was there, it got her all messed up and she ended up barely doing anything but whatever.  She is only three, it's no big deal.  Then we went to Chic Fil A and met Jill and her nephew Max, who is just her age, a few months older, but he is completely potty trained, which is a whole nother thing for us.

She refuses and I mean refuses to potty train.  This week she has started to - well, say she's naked, which she is a lot, she will have to go, I will SEE her realize she has to go and she storms over to me and says I NEED A DIAPER!  I say, you don't need a diaper, you need to sit on the potty, let's sit on the potty and Go!, come on, it will be great!  And she freaks out and screams and cries and eventually I'm afraid she's going to lose her mind so I put a diaper on it and she fills it right up with pee.  It is beyond infuriating.  I am so, so sick of telling people what to do with their waste and having them DISAGREE with me!  I'm 46!, I want to tell her, I know what you should be doing!  Mike says that it will get better, he says she is doing all the steps except, you know, actually going on the potty, and he's right but ugh.  As I said, infuriating.

She likes to stick her fingers in my mouth and count my teeth.  She likes to make shapes with her hands and make me guess what they are.  Today I guess "rectangle" and she told me with a withering stare, "no!  oval!".  Right now she can't find a drumstick and she wants one so I have to go but that's your update.  She is fine.  Adorable.  Infuriating.  Won't remember a bit of it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Well, she is better but she still has a runny nose.  Just this morning she said to me, "I have a cold.  I HAVE A COLD!".  She is mad about it, too.  She had off on Tuesday of this week, just to torture me, because Monday was the last day of Maria and Veronica's fall break, although they claimed at her preschool it was for parent/teacher conferences.  Her conference went okay, there were all three of her teachers there, she is fine, she can try to cry for stuff that she wants but it doesn't get her anywhere so she moves on.  She loves the writing center, they said.

But it was a pain.  We had to go to preschool to go to the conference but we weren't going for the day so it was confusing for her.  We went to Marta's after so she could stay there for a while so I could go into school and volunteer, and then we had lunch there so that was nice.  We went to the library this week, to ballet.  Ballet started its second session and she did well, it was nice for her to seem like she remembered something.

We went out for Halloween, she was Olaf and she was adorable but it was an extremely terrible Halloween, weather wise.  Felicity wanted to walk and she was kind of poofy for the stroller anyway but she was SO SLOW and Maria and Veronica wanted to go faster so they could keep warm, ugh, it was wretched.  Mike had to come and get us eventually.

She has off for the whole week of Thanksgiving which seriously makes me want to cry but what can you do.  Hopefully next year she will be in preschool where the girls go to school and they can all be on the same calendar.  If it seems like I am always waiting for time to pass and things to get better, it's because I am.

Here's a cute picture of terrifying Felicity and Olaf/Felicity

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Poor Felicity

Poor Felicity has another ear infection.  I told my sister that today and she said well now I feel bad for thinking she was being such a jerk the other day!  But the thing is, she WAS being a jerk.  She had a fever on Thursday and threw up first thing in the morning but she seemed better later and definitely better by Friday, when she went to her ballet recital.  I didn't go, Mike took her, because I took Maria and Veronica to see Sleeping Beauty and I didn't think she would be into it.

Anyway, then yesterday she yelled at me, MY MOUTH HURTS and I was like did you bite your tongue?  She was eating strawberries and she kept saying OW! OW! OW! but it wasn't until alter that I thought holy crap I bet her throat hurts!  She doesn't know from THROAT and MOUTH, ugh, poor baby.  I swear no one else has ever been sick like this before, I bet none of them have ever had a sore throat.  The NP at the clinic today said how big her tonsils were and I do not even want to think about that, so I'm not going to.

So she has been having a rough few days and she woke up first this morning, out in the hall, saying Mommy?  Mommy?  She is so funny, she just stays stock still, doesn't even come bashing in the room like Maria or Veronica would.  She fell asleep so hard today after we went to this Trunk or Treat at the church that houses her preschool, but just for a while and then she was much more pleasant.  She freaked out today, she tried to take some candy from another trick or treater.  It was confusing, people were giving her candy out of baskets and this girl was standing there with candy in a basket, and she just didn't get it.  So when the girl took her candy back, Felicity screamed and screamed and screamed and cried and it got better but man.  She gets so mad so fast and I am always so close to the end of my rope, ugh.  But overall, you know, she did great, she wore her Olaf costume and she was nice and said TRICK OR TREAT! to everyone, I am hopeful she will have a good week.  As usual.  Here's a cute picture:

Friday, October 17, 2014


I don't know how to not resent the jerk who stayed up all night crying and who is now super tired and crabby and is screaming and screaming in the other room because I shook her chocolate milk.  She just came in here and is yelling "I want to shake the milk!".  It would be funny if it weren't so desperate.  She didn't go to sleep until almost 9:00 last night, after I moved Maria and Veronica out of their own room so they weren't kept up by her screaming.  Then she was up at 12, 2:20 and 5:50 for the day.  I was up with her all those times and now I'm supposed to take this person to ballet at 10:30 and then to lunch to meet some friends.  And THEN I am supposed to go to work!  Is this a joke?  I always think.  Surely this is a joke, right?  This couldn't really be happening to me, I can't really be 46 (and a half!) years old and sitting on a couch with some YAHOO yelling about shaking the milk to me.  Can I?  Is this really happening?  Every day I think there is no way I can keep doing this and some day it's going to be true.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Third Birthday!

Happy birthday to Felicity!  This is her last day of Fall Break and she has not slept in one single day, even though sometimes when she is in preschool, I have to go wake her up for her 8:45 departure.  Last night I was complaining about something she did and this girl I work with said, so basically what you are saying is that you shouldn't have had a fourth kid.  I was completely dumbfounded, um, no!, that is not what I'm saying!  I'm saying sometimes she drives me crazy, and especially this week when we have had so much time together, from an early morning until she goes to bed.  I think maybe YOU are basically saying I shouldn't have had a fourth child, I thought but did not say.

Anyway, ::claps hands briskly::, back to Felicity.  Today we gave her her presents from us (Mike got her an adorable counting puzzle with animals, one elephant, two deer, etc., and I got her four new board books that she can have as her very own) and we are going to go to ballet later.  Then I am somehow going to pick up pizza and salad and cupcakes and bring them to Marta's and we are having a lunchtime pizza party.  I'm working tonight but Mike is going to take them for Happy Meals and then they'll have cake and ice cream later.  I feel bad that I'm working but I just took off for the Parents Night Out and I am taking off for Halloween, so separate parties it is!

I am excited about Felicity's fourth year.  I hope that she gets toilet trained, she'll start at preschool at the girls' school next fall, who knows what else is in store for her!  It's very exciting, anyway, right?  Even if it's annoying and crazy making and all the other bad stuff, it's all the good and great stuff, too, parenthood.  So God Bless Felicity and happy birthday to her!