Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Honest Truth

The honest truth is that Felicity is kind of a jerk!  I'm sure it is part of her natural two-year-old-ness and maybe also part of being the fourth in a family of little kids who still need lots of help, but MY LORD.  Here's how it's gone today, so far (it's 10:12 a.m.).  I went in to wake her up at 7:45, I hate, hate, HATE to wake a sleeping child but I had to wake her because we have to all take Anthony to school.  I just went in her room and she popped right up, so I didn't really have to wake her but still, I don't like to do it.  I got her dressed and took her downstairs, promised her a pancake, and put her down.

I fed her pancake and pears and she ate about half of both.  In the meantime, I was getting Anthony dressed, waking him up, wrestling him to the ground to give him his medicine (I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not).  I carried Anthony on my back to the downstairs and then out to the car, asking Veronica to get in the car while I did it.  I put Anthony in and then went and got Felicity, who was standing in the house yelling, waaaaaahhhhh!  Backpack!  Baaaaackpaaaaack!  So she took Veronica's backpack and purse with her, which I wrestled out of her hands briefly so I could clip her in her seat.

She yells the entire way to drop off Anthony, and then entire way back.  I had to stop by the body shop to drop off the keyfob so they could open the van if they are ever given the go-ahead by the stupid insurance company.  Both girls were getting a little antsy so I stopped by Einstein Brothers to get a bagel.  Felicity ate almost nothing, but she drank a lot of juice and yelled at the coffee display a lot.  Hooooot!  HOTTTTTT!, she yells.  Finally, we came home and she asked me to put on some Kai Lan and by that I mean she went and got the clicker and smacked me in the hand with it, while yelling KAI LAN!, so I put some on.  Now she is watching it and I am typing this and soon we will go to Costco to pick up our Christmas cards at Costco, then we are picking up McDonald's for lunch and then take it to ballet, which Veronica has at noon.

She is awful at ballet, she has discovered the button that opens the door, so she goes out to the water fountain to take a bath in it, or she opens the door to the outside so she can go run out into the parking lot.  Usually she falls asleep on the way home and naps in the car for about 15 minutes and then that's it for the day.

I signed her up for another day at preschool, I think she likes it there and Lord knows I could use the time alone.  She is very, very clingy.  Her preschool teacher told me yesterday that she kept faking falling down and then putting her arms up to be held.  I don't know, I hope it's all a phase.  I hope she likes going to preschool two days a week, I hope we can learn to get along.

I hope it's not me, that they are so awful around two.  Maria and Veronica were total grumps too, but is it because I'm so grumpy?  I don't know.  I hope it all gets better.

There are good things too - she is incredibly cute.  She loves to walk up the sidewalk to preschool by herself.  She races in to the building and points out the animals on this big mural that's there.  TIGER!, she yells, BUTTAFLY!  Then she leaves and goes to run to her classroom.  BYE MAMA, BYE!, she yells and I go.  She is talking more and more which is of course a great relief.  She can do more by herself.  She is going through the typical Beck Girl Nakedness Phase, eschewing all clothes, which is cute.  She is a wonderful sleeper and goes to bed just fine, bye Mia!, she says, bye Ca Ca!  She's really almost perfect in every way, it's just the ways that aren't perfect that are driving me to drink.

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  1. This whole entry made me laugh out loud! It's a good thing kids are cute because otherwise there would be a lot fewer of them! ;)