Sunday, February 24, 2013


Felicity is so funny.  Lately when I am rocking her before a nap or better, she'll stop drinking her pre-sleep water and wave at me.  "Bye!", she'll say, waving, then she shakes her head "no" over and over.  I have less than no idea what in the hell she is talking about.  I think by "bye" she means "hi" but I don't have any idea why she's shaking her head no.  Sometimes she puts her hands over her eyes and says "pah-boo!", while she's lying there.

She's great, although this week, she is really annoying me with her sleep.  She woke up two nights this week and was up from 1-5 and then from 1-4 a.m.  That, as my sister would say, is super no bueno but what can you do?  Veronica did it too, I just pray it doesn't last.

I didn't take her for her 15 month appointment, I think at this stage I'm going to skip it and catch up by her 18 month appointment.  She is doing just fine, really coming into her own and I'm bullish for the future.

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